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Case Study: Identifying and fixing potential HV Safety Issues early

Updated: Dec 12, 2023



During a regular substation site inspection, our windfarm manager noted that the switchgear labelling on the top of the circuit breaker was mismatched with the permanent labelling at the bottom of the switchgear


We implemented an immediate operational restriction and led an investigation to establish that during third party substation maintenance, the switchgear panels had been misplaced. This could potentially have led to catastrophic consequences, but for the timely intervention of our experienced windfarm manager.



A complete investigation was carried out into the substation maintenance provider. The correct panels were replaced, and a permanent colour-coding solution was implemented, preventing a potentially serious safety event.


"HV safety is paramount. Its our first thought every time when co-ordinating works on site."

Christopher Emo
HV Electrical Engineering Manager
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