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Case Study: Effective DSO Management

Saving €75,000 in generator costs



We were notified of a 25-day outage over three blocks to connect a new asset near our operational windfarm. The DSO informed us that no back-feed would be available, and as a result generators would be required to all turbines



  1. Engineering controls were placed to ensure that turbines would not produce power but could draw sufficient power to support the house load for the substation and turbines.

  2. This control methodology was proposed to the DSO and agreed.

  3. The windfarm remained powered for the duration of the network substation outage

  4. We also negotiated with the DSO so that they brought forward routine maintenance on the DSO station to maximise the benefits of the outage



Tail-fed power was supplied to the windfarm, removing any requirement for generators at the windfarm, and saving the windfarm owner over €75,000. This approach was then formalised with the DSO for future outages on similar assets.


“We work hand-in-hand with the OEMs and DNOs to ensure that any project losses are minimised.”"

Pádraig Lancaster
Key Account Manager


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