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EnergyPro Carbon Saved

Carbon saved

Creating a better environment for the future of our planet. And here is how much we have saved.

EnergyPro are dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for future generations. We want to create a better environment for the future of our planet. View our Technical Management, Asset Management and Consultancy services.

We do this by effectively managing renewable energy assets so that they are safe, well-maintained and produce as much renewable energy as possible.

The assets we manage have resulted in the following carbon savings:

Tonnes of Carbon saved

Green Energy Generated
106 GWh generated this month (Apr)
473 GWh in 2024
35409 tonnes for the month of Apr
Running 35106 households
127,925 Tonnes of Carbon Saved in 2024 
Typical Annual carbon emitted from a residential house: 11 Tonnes
EnergyPro Windfarm
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