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Case Study: Finding and Fixing planning compliance problems.



Following acquisition of a third-party managed operational windfarm, major planning and environmental issues were identified on site.



Given the issues’ scale and complexity, the client decided to engage EnergyPro / GES to:

  1. Prepare, develop and implement an Operational Stage Environmental Management Plan (OSEMP)

  2. Lead compliance activities, principally in relation to ecology (habitat management and bird/bat vantage point and fatality monitoring), noise and shadow flicker Lead noise and shadow flicker monitoring campaigns

  3. Manage and co-ordinate planning compliance and enforcement submissions

  4. Manage and co-ordinate planning applications and forestry (felling) licencing consent applications (turbulence felling & mitigatory habitat).

  5. Provide advice/input on legal submissions and responses to legal challenges to the windfarm.



The windfarm which was potentially in breach of a number of planning and environmental issues was brought back under compliance, and legal challenges to the windfarm were effectively dealt with.


“We act as if we own the project .”

William Coughlan, Renewable Asset Manager


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