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Case Study: Fixing nacelle misalignment

1% Performance Improvement



Through our standard monthly power curve performance analysis, we identified a particular underperforming turbine.



Following further detailed analysis, we confirmed that there was an issue with the turbine. We negotiated an agreement with the OEM and deployed a nacelle-mounted LIDAR through our sister company, Galetech Energy Services. The nacelle-mounted LIDAR measured the wind direction in front of the nacelle over a period of four weeks. Analysis of this data identified a 4° misalignment. We engaged with the O&M provider, who quickly rectified the issue. Following rectification, a repeat installation of the nacelle-mounted LIDAR showed that the issue had been resolved



The measures carried out rectified a 4° misalignment and resulted in an immediate 1% improvement in turbine production.


“My favourite part of the day is when I figure out why a turbine isn’t running, or isn’t performing efficiently, and I’m able to go straight to the people who can fix it to get more clean energy onto the grid."

Kyro Keown ,
Renewable Energy Engineer


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