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Case Study: Export Capacity Analysis

2% Increase in Asset Output.



EnergyPro took over as managers on an operational renewable energy project. Following production of our initial monthly reports, the analysis indicated that the site had not been reaching its Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) at the meter even though basic SCADA data indicated that the turbines were meeting and exceeding the site's MEC


  1. Analysis compared potential and actual power on SCADA, which showed no issues. Additional analysis using substation metered data indicated that the output at the gate was not fully reaching the maximum export capacity.

  2. Since the OEM did not initially accept there was an issue, we proactively procured additional sub-meters at the generators and substation. We narrowed the issue down to the incorrect installation of cable screening in the control unit, meaning inaccurate values on the controller current transformers and voltage transformers.

  3. We arranged for the incorrect installation to be rectified, whilst keeping the OEM informed and involved in each step of the analysis and investigation.



The asset owner increased their revenue by over €1.5m for the financial year through our PPA expertise and correctly challenging the PPA offtaker.


"At EnergyPro, we have people with experience in every aspect of the industry, from owners to technicians. This insight gives us the ability to recognise and diagnose problems with a site before they escalate.”

Lughaidh Ó Broin,
Head of Analytics


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