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By acting as your safety representative, and controlling your windfarm safely with our procedures, you can ensure that the safety and security of your wind farm is in capable hands.


Proactive Approach to Safety Risks

With over 1 GW of project management experience in wind farms since 1997, we have the expertise to address safety risks proactively. 

Our safety setup includes reviewing existing management systems, documenting HSSE systems, and creating an operations health and safety plan. 

We take ownership of safety on-site by acting as the owner's representative, reviewing contractor HSSE documentation, and conducting biannual HSSE site audits.


Controlling Windfarms Safely

OpsControl is our 365-day operational control center that coordinates all work on-site, including site access control, ensuring safety on your windfarm. 

Our service includes establishing access control procedures, managing site access, lone working procedures, and monitoring weather conditions. 

We also maintain records of all site access events, coordinate multiple teams accessing the site, and implement an Emergency Response Plan if necessary.


Faster Site induction 

Skylark is our always-on safety portal, accessible from any device with a web browser. It ensures technicians and contractors complete safety inductions before coming to your windfarm, minimizing paperwork and delays. 

Our service includes 24/7 access, an auditable trail of documentation, and complete records of site access and turbine maintenance.

Wind Mills

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