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Case Study: Reducing Grid Curtailment losses by 50%



During regular monthly performance analysis, we identified that a particular asset was experiencing higher curtailment than comparable assets in the market



We investigated this by comparing dispatch down-times from this asset versus neighbouring projects.

  1. Our analysis identified that a particular aspect of the grid code, frequency control during periods of active power control, had been misinterpreted by the OEM resulting in output being un-necessarily limited by the OEM controller.

  2. We agreed with the DSO to temporarily halt curtailment signals for a period of months until the OEM addressed the issue (thereby removing most curtailment for that period).

  3. We ensured the OEM reconfigured the controller correctly so that excessive curtailment was removed.



The average dispatch down level for the windfarm dropped from 9.5% to 4.9%, saving the windfarm over €100,000 annually.


“Dispatch down is a major issue for projects. Our great people and smart tools allow us to identify and fix problems so that our renewable energy projects aren’t being unfairly penalised.”

Aidan Gleeson
Operations Director


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