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We have a strong and growing client base from independent single turbine project developers to large pension funds.
We currently have over 300MW of projects under asset management and have completed analysis and operational due diligence on almost 500MW of other operational projects.

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Case Studies

As of October 2014, the average monthly turbine availability for our longest managed windfarm is 99%. This was achieved by, having a continuous alert for alarms with immediate communication with the maintenance provider, using alarm and operational data trends to identify cost-effective preventative maintenance Keeping detailed component history records, allowing immediate smart decisions on maintenance options. How much more revenue would you get from your windfarm if you could achieve 99% turbine availability?

Checking of availability calculations provided by OEMs or ISPs is often limited to brief overviews, or comparisons to original SCADA data. However, we have identified errors on a number of windfarms where the original SCADA data was not accurately recording turbine downtime, thus artificially inflating turbine availability. One particular example is shown here, where our re-analysis of the data showed that the actual availability in a particular month was 32%, rather than the 89% claimed by the OEM. This resulted in an increased focus from the OEM on improving windfarm availability, and a potential claim for over €8,000 downtime compensation for this particular turbine in this particular month. Are you confident in your SCADA system’s availability figures?

There is a well-known example in the Irish wind industry where the proposed purchase price of a new windfarm was reduced by approximately €1m due to inadequate asset records. There were no specific issues with the plant or its operation, and all had been adequately maintained by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). However, the lack of adequate asset records was considered to increase the risk level to the proposed purchasers, and the proposed purchase price was reduced accordingly. In contrast, EnergyPro-managed windfarms have a full turbine component history, including specific work order reports and servicing records, blade cleaning and inspection records, boroscope checks, oil sample analyses etc. This, combined with our database backup of all SCADA data allows potential windfarm purchasers to reduce the risk level assigned to the project, and thus increase your asset value. Are your windfarm’s asset history records sufficient for a possible future sale?

A power curve analysis for a new customer recently identified significant turbine underperformance across the entire windfarm. The problem was particularly noticeable at high wind speeds. Considerable investigation is ongoing, including additional pitching analyses and trialing of replacement sensors, alternative pitch settings, and other component modifications. On completion, it is expected that the correction will result in an estimated revenue increase of 8%. What would a revenue increase of 8% mean for your bottom line?

“We have been very impressed with the support that the team have provided to our windpark in Ireland. They understand the issues and so are able to provide assistance on a variety of topics. They are very flexible and responsive.”
Rhiann Brown, Associate Director
Impax Asset Management
“We at Kilronan Windfarm have being using Shelia and her team for over fifteen years. They have ensured the optimum operation of our windfarm over this period, completely removing the day to day issues that arise. They also innovate and continuously seek to improve windfarm performance – we have benefited greatly from this progressive attitude. For a great partner on your windfarm, look no further.”
Denis Calnan, Director
Kilronan Windfarm Ltd