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GenWatch3 allows System Administrators to monitor their radio network activity, mobility, busies, and channel usage, in real-time from a single centralized location.


Allowing your traders to increase iSEM windfarm revenue

GenWatch Availability is a 7 day a week turbine monitoring service, where operational controllers:

  • Monitor turbine faults and service team dispatching;

  • Update turbine availability and expected return to service time on a bespoke software system;

  • Provide monthly and daily availability forecasts, as well as real-time information on turbine faults and expected return to service time based on information received from OEM dispatch teams and site technicians.

This system then provides a customisable data feed to traders and forecasters in varying formats as required (e.g. ftp data transfer, emailed csvs, json data stream) at customisable intervals, allowing your traders to more effectively trade your power and as a result increase windfarm revenue.


Reduce revenue losses during SCADA outages

The GenWatch Data system is your data solution for iSEM. It includes two sources of production data, so that your traders can continue to trade yourpower in the event of a SCADA failure on site.

In addition to the initial setup, GenWatch also includes on an ongoing basis:

  • Secure cloud storage

  • Software upgrades

  • System maintenance


  • The GenWatch box which sends metering data to the cloud

  • An interface to the SCADA server

  • Secure storage on a customized cloud platform (hosted on Microsoft Azure / Amazon Web Services),

  • Customisable automated data feed to your electricity trader/forecaster (customizable intervals, transfer protocols and data formats.)

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