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Paul Carney

Paul Carney is a Director of Galetech Energy Services and has worked in the power industry for over 22 years. After graduation he joined ESB International where he held positions in the power engineering section, investments department and wind development division. He has gained extensive experience in developing, planning, and executing strategic thermal power plants and wind farms in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Spain. As part of Paul’s experience as wind farm preconstruction project manager in ESB Wind Developments, his responsibilities included procurement of turbines for the company’s portfolio and due diligence for project acquisitions. Paul has provided development advisory, project management and contract negotiation services to independent wind farm developers in Ireland, UK and Africa and has strong leadership, interpersonal, commercial, contractual and project management skills coupled with business acumen. Paul has a proven track record of successfully developing, financing and building projects for his own business ventures and third-party clients.

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