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Case Study: Improving Safety from third-party forestry works

Updated: Dec 12, 2023


EnergyPro were engaged to take over as technical managers for an existing operational windfarm constructed on third-party owned forested land. On take-over, it was clear that forestry felling operations were being carried out without notification or consultation with the windfarm’s previous asset managers.



EnergyPro engaged with the forestry harvesting operations manager and the relevant Business Area Unit manager. We established a clear plan for future works and an agreed set of standards for an interface agreement, including prior notification, requirements for site inductions and clarity on safety responsibilities.



An interface agreement was drafted and safety levels were substantially improved. Within Wind Energy Ireland we established and led a “Windfarm Interface” working group to ensure that this approach could be standardised across the industry.


"Establishing a clear interface agreement is a key part of our onboarding process and ensures full clarity on safety roles with all relevant stakeholders"

Stephen Lyons
HSE Manager

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