Safety & Environment

Increased Revenue

Our performance analysis service typically increases annual production by 5%. We do this by:

  • Carrying out monthly power curve analyses to immediately identify any deviations from expected performance.
  • Using continuous power-wind rose analysis, pitch angle analyses, turbine-to-turbine and farm-to-farm comparisons to identify any area where turbine performance could improved.
  • Continually verifying MRSO meter accuracy and site electrical losses to ensure windfarm revenue is maximised.

Reduced Maintenance Payments

Our availability re-calculations typically reduce the upside bonus payment to your windfarm maintenance company.
Having re-calculated turbine availability for almost 300 turbines, we know where SCADA inaccuracies can occur for almost all turbine manufacturers. By correcting these and providing a real contractual availability figure, we can either significantly reduce the upside bonus payable to your maintenance company; or increase your liquidated damages claim.


  • Analysis of turbine operational data and follow up of trips and other shut downs
  • Availability calculation interrogation
  • Preparation of wind farm performance report
  • Detailed power curve analysis, pitch angle analysis
  • Contraints / curtailment assessments