Operational Due Diligence

You can react more quickly to asset purchase opportunities

In conjunction with Galetech Energy Services, we specialise in providing fast and focussed reviews of operational renewable energy assets to comply with your tight bid timelines. Our initial red flag reports are usually provided within days, allowing you to quickly react to asset purchase opportunities.

You can identify value-add opportunities

In addition to identifying and making recommendations around potential issues to consider at project purchase, our operational due diligence analyses also deliver extremely useful insights, including:

  • Projected lifetime O&M costs for inclusion in financial models, based on the actual maintenance history
  • Quantified performance improvement opportunities
  • Detailed assessments of end-of-life options, including decommissioning and repowering.

Our vast experience across all turbine manufacturers and across 20 years, means that you will be able to appropriately value assets for a successful tendering process.

You don’t need to worry about gaps between due diligence and operations

Once an asset is purchased, you’ll be confident that everything identified during due diligence will be managed during the operations phase.

We ensure this through our strategic Lifetime Asset Plans, which combine all issues identified during the vast amount of due diligence assessments and reports into a simple brief traffic-light style Lifetime Asset Plan.
This includes appropriate mitigation measures to manage out any remaining risks and develop any identified revenue upside opportunities. Typically, this forms the basis for an annual review of asset performance and is the starting point for annual maintenance and intervention plans.
Having our Lifetime Asset Plan in place means that your asset value will be optimised over the long term.