Safety & Security

Acting as your safety representative

We have a detailed knowledge of safety risks and can take action to esure that any potential issues are addressed before they become a problem.

As part of our initial safety setup, we:

  • Review existing safety management systems and documentation.
  • Document project HSSE management systems.
  • Prepare a detailed operations health and safety plan. (Site Access Procedures, Arrangements for controlling site risks & safety systems of work, Environmental protection and Emergency responsive plan)

Once the windfarm is up and running, we take ownership of safety on site by:

  • Acting as the owner’s health and safety representative.
  • Reviewing contractor HSSE documentation for high risk items of work.
  • Conducting biannual HSSE site audits of contractor HSSE systems and site activities to confirm adherence to wind farm HSSE requirements.

OpsControl: Controlling Windfarms Safely

OpsControl is our Operational Control Centre. Available 365 days a year,OpsControl co-ordinates all work on site., controlling site access and ensuring work on your windfarm is safely controlled.

Included in this service is:

  • Establishing a site access control procedure with Siemens and all site subcontractors.
  • Providing a phone-on, phone-off service to manage site access, available 365 days a year.
  • Controlling access to site and to individual turbines.
  • Implementation and management of lone working procedures.
  • Monitoring weather conditions and instructing personnel to withdraw from site if conditions exceed predetermined limits.
  • Controlling substation access using an appropriate set of HV rules.
  • Maintaining complete records of all site access events.
  • Coordinating multiple teams accessing site simultaneously and affecting each other.
  • Implementing the Emergence Response Plan if necessary.

WindInduct: Faster Site Induction Procedures:

WindInduct is our always-on safety portal, accessible through any phone, tablet or laptop using any web browser. It ensures that windfarm technicians and contractors have fully completed safety inductions before coming to site. This means that when they are on your site, they are maintaining turbines or remedying turbine fails, not getting delayed with excessive paperwork.

As part of the WindInduct service,we provide:

  • Always-on 24/7 access to the online windfarm induction service.
  • Fully secure https site hosting
  • A fully auditable trail of safety induction documentation.