Financial Management

You can access your cash flows more quickly

In addition to bespoke monthly management accounts provided within 10 days of month end, we offer our customers a unique live Cashflow Monitoring Interface which allows you to see at a glance all market revenue streams, subsidy payments and accruals.

We independently verify all revenue streams and identify any inaccuracies. The Cashflow Monitoring Interface then clearly shows all required reserves for market payment inaccuracies, PSO/FIT obligations and appropriate allowances for expected future market resettlements. This means that you always have full visibility of available cash, allowing you to make the most effective use of your asset.

We also provide you with your own login for full 24/7 drill-down access to all aspects of your accounts. This ensures that you always have the information you need to make effective strategic asset decisions and can query all aspects at any stage.

You can relax with our secure, trusted systems

Your asset is safe in our hands. We have been carrying out back-office financial management of renewable energy assets for over 20 years. We use fully secure and protected industry-leading accounting software.

We are also the trusted provider of back-office financial management support for leading renewable energy asset owners such as Greencoat Capital, Greystone Infrastructure Fund, and Impax Asset Management.

We effectively manage your external debt providers

Through our 20 years’ experience, we have developed excellent relationships with most major lenders across the UK and Ireland. Our ISO approved systems cover all aspects of our financial management services, including monitoring of loan covenants, making bank-related submissions and monitoring all financial obligations under relevant loan agreements. This means that you can focus on the next transaction, secure in the knowledge that existing assets are all being effectively managed.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your renewable energy asset increase its financial effectiveness, please get in touch with Ann Marie on 059 865 0115.