Financial Management

Ensuring compliance with financial and regulatory requirements, we are the trusted provider of windfarm financial management and compliance services to independent windfarm owners across the UK and Ireland. Our experience in managing operational windfarms over 20 years means we have detailed in-depth knowledge of all regulatory requirements. 

Our financial management services include:

  • Controlling, invoicing, processing and making of all required payments and correspondence with all payment counterparties.
  • Accounting/booking of all entries in Sage accounting system.
  • Preperation and processing of VAT returns and assistance to audiroe (annual returns to be prepared by third party accountant)
  • Inspection, controlling and plausibility checks of all service provider invoices.
  • Managing bank accounts in accordance with client instructions.
  • Interfacing with tax consultants/fiscal authority and banks.
  • Liaison with accountant/tax consultant to comply with statutory requirements.
  • Preparing annual operational budget in line with client budget targets.
  • Commercial reporting (monthly)
  • Debt Management¬†
  • Liaising with power off taker and provision of metered data.
  • Annual meeting with service providers
  • Calculating and coordinating the distribution of distributions/dividends to shareholders and assistance in estimations of forthcoming distributions
  • Providing a monthly commercial report in agreed format to project owners.
  • Monthly statutory REMIT reporting on behalf of the windfarm.