EnergyPro Asset Management is a joint venture between EnergyPro Analytics and Galetech Energy Services, offering a comprehensive asset management service for windfarm owners including active site management, 24/7 operational control centre and a strong team of subject matter experts.

Having managed operational windfarms in Ireland since 1997, EnergyPro Asset Management is ideally placed to add value to your windfarm. Collectively, the EnergyPro Asset Management leadership team have over 85 years’ experience in wind energy projects.



Our specialist windfarm management team maintain the value of your asset by:

  • Actively monitoring all SCADA data  to identify component trends, and using this information to make smart decisions about future preventative maintenance.
  • Retaining detailed maintenance records along with a full turbine and component service history, maximising value for any future  asset disposal.
  • Actively managing Operations & Maintenance and insurance contracts.


Our performance analysis service typically increases annual production by 5%. We do this by:

  • Carrying out monthly power curve analyses to immediately identify any deviations from expected performance.
  • Using continuous power-wind rose analysis, pitch angle analyses, turbine-to-turbine and farm-to-farm comparisons to identify any areas where turbine performance could be improved.
  • Continually verifying MRSO meter accuracy and site electrical losses to ensure windfarm revenue is maximised.


‘EnergyPro completely remove the day-to-day issues that arise when owning a wind farm’ 
Denis Calnan, Kilronan Windfarm

We will look after:

  • Health & Safety – in partnership with appropriate industry health and safety experts, we take responsibility for health and safety management on site, including fulfilling the role of operational controller where appropriate.
  • Eirgrid/ESB Networks Grid Code Compliance – working in partnership with the best electrical engineering firms in the market, we ensure that the road to grid code compliance for your windfarm is hassle-free.
  • Planning – project managing all planning and CER licence compliance activities.


We ensure the windfarm functions effectively as a financial vehicle by:

  • Providing smart cashflow management – managing supplier payments and electricity sales, administering holding companies, and debt-planning.
  • Facilitating compliance with all lender and facilities agreement requirements.
  • Producing high-level monthly and quarterly reports tracking windfarm performance against P50, P75 and P90 predictions.


Technical Management

  • Analysis of turbine operational data and follow up of trips and other shut downs
  • Availability calculation interrogation
  • Monitoring and review of turbine log books
  • Monthly power curve check
  • Preparation of monthly wind farm performance report
  • Advice on plant optimization/improvement
  • Monitoring of substation and delivery metering
  • Management of substation and civil works maintenance
  • Monitoring contractor compliance with waste disposal regulations
  • Manage project health and safety systems
  • Detailed turbine inspections, reporting
  • Conduct site inspections
  • Monitor and follow up of maintenance and upkeep for civil issues
  • Act as owners representative for maintenance services, energy supplier/off taker, authorities, land leaseholders, easements and insurance agreement
  • Warranty administration

Commercial Management

  • Controlling, invoicing, processing and making of all required payments and correspondence with all payment counterparties
  • Accounting/booking of all entries in appropriate accounting system
  • Preparation and processing of VAT returns
  • Inspection, controlling and plausibility checks of all service provider invoices
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Interface with tax consultants/fiscal authority and banks
  • Insurance claims identification and management
  • Preparation of annual operational budget in line with client budget targets
  • Commercial reporting (monthly), including income statement, cashflow statement, balance sheet and analysis of variances to budget
  • Debt Management, Quarterly reporting to bank
  • Liaison with power off taker and provision of metered data
  • Calculation and coordination of distributions/dividends to shareholders and assistance in estimations of forthcoming distributions
  • Quarterly & annual reporting to project under loan facility agreement
  • Shareholder annual meeting including attendance by project and commercial manager at 1 no. annual shareholder meeting
  • CER generation license compliance

Our Team


Sheila Layden

BE (Hons) DipAF

Sheila is a founding member of the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA), and has held a number of senior offices including Vice-Chairperson. Sheila also owns two windfarms, Altagowlan (7.6MW) and Moneenatieve (4.2MW), which provides EnergyPro with a unique ability to trial and test turbine analysis and optimization solutions.

Within EnergyPro, Sheila focuses on overseeing the financial and commercial aspects of windfarm management, as well as ensuring that all of our services are provided with the windfarm owner’s interest in mind.

Sheila has a Bachelor of Engineering from NUI Galway, and a Diploma in Accounting and Finance.


Donogh O Brien

A qualified electrical engineer, Donogh has spent over a decade working in the energy sector. He has spent most of the last ten years working in the Irish wind industry.

Donogh has extensive experience in engineering, project management and investment appraisal of wind energy projects. Previous employment includes ESB International where Donogh was responsible for the engineering and construction of over 100MW of wind projects on behalf of ESB Wind Developments and private clients.


Paul Carney

A qualified mechanical engineer, Paul Carney has spent almost a decade working in the energy sector.  From his career to date he has extensive experience in planning and executing strategic thermal and wind projects for ESBI Investments and ESB Wind Development both overseas and in Ireland.

Paul’s experience ranges from combined cycle gas turbine and wind farm engineering, project development management, investment appraisal, key agreement negotiations and construction management.

Paul was responsible for developing 250MW of wind energy projects across Ireland and the UK as well as working on the development and construction of over 3GW of thermal power plants across Europe.


Ronan O’Meara

BE (Hons), MSc C.Eng. MIEI

Ronan formerly worked at Airgen Renewables, where he led a team of 15 engineers and technicians in analysing and developing wind turbine sites across the UK. Ronan is a chartered engineer and renewable energy analyst, with a particular research interest in computational fluid dynamics modelling of wind flow patterns around obstacles.

Within EnergyPro, Ronan focuses on windfarm technical reporting and analysis.

Ronan holds a Bachelor of Engineering from UCD, and an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from Loughborough University.

Senior Energy Analyst

Lughaidh Ó Broin

BSc (Hons) MA MSc.

Lughaidh is a Single Electricity Market expert, having carried out considerable research into the economic effect of the single electricity market on the wind industry. Lughaidh formerly worked in windfarm asset development with Airgen Renewables.

Within EnergyPro, Lughaidh primarily focuses on statistical analysis of turbine performance, as well as liaising with the relevant electricity off-takers, and is actively involved in further developing our analytical software and systems.

Lughaidh has a Bachelor of Science from NUI Galway, an MA from University of Limerick, and an MSc in Renewable Energy from Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Project Engineer

Brian O Connell

Brian formerly worked as a turbine maintenance technician, specifically on Nordex wind turbines, and graduated in 2012 with an honours degree in sustainable energy management. Brian has a specific interest in electronic controllers having studied Allen Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi S7 PLC systems, as well as Citect SCADA. Brian is IOSH certified in safety management.

Within EnergyPro, Brian focuses on analysis of operational turbine performance and also leads out the implementation of our WindInduct safety management portal.

Brian has a B.Sc. in Renewable Energy & Electrical Systems, and a B.Sc. (Hons) Sustainable Energy Management.

Project Engineer

Orla Gilligan

Orla is a qualified energy scientist holding a Bachelor of Science in Energy from the University of Limerick. Orla performs an operational asset management role on a number of wind farms throughout the island of Ireland with responsibility for health and safety and day to day project management.

Grid Specialist

Donal Smith

Donal has worked in the renewable power industry for 10 years as a grid specialist. Joined SWS in 2005 and played a key role in the development of the wind portfolio. Directly involved in the construction and the energisation of over 200MWs in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Heavily involved in policy development and challenges to some of the decisions made by the system operators and regulators. Donal has gained extensive experience of operational grid issues also including grid code testing and the application of constraints and curtailment on wind assets.

Donal now leads GES’s Grid and Electrical Engineering activities for a range of clients including small and large wind developments, biomass and solar.

Python/Java Specialist

Jaime Martin

Jaime is a Python and Java coding specialist, with over 13 years coding experience since graduating with a degree in Computer Science from UCD in 2004. Jaime also received a first class honours Higher Diploma in Business Systems Analysis from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2011 and a first class honours Masters in Big Data Management and Analytics from Griffith College Dublin in 2016.

Within EnergyPro, Jaime works on improving our wind turbine data analysis capabilities.

Chartered Accountant

Ann Marie Love

BA (Hons), ICAI DipIF, ACA

Ann Marie is a specialist management accountant, with a particular expertise in international group accounting and group structures. Ann Marie previously worked as a financial accountant at Salesforce.com, Menolly Group and Statoil.

Within EnergyPro, Ann Marie focuses on windfarm regulatory/lending compliance, debt management and lender liaison.

Ann Marie is a Chartered Accountant, and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting and Finance from Dublin Business School and a Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards from Chartered Accountants Ireland.