Carbon Saved

EnergyPro are dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for future generations. We want to create a better environment for the future of our planet.

We do this by effectively managing renewable energy assets so that they are safe, well-maintained and produce as much renewable energy as possible.

The assets we manage have resulted in the following carbon savings:

Tonnes of Carbon Saved

This is equivalent to:

Equivalent Carbon Usage

EnergyPro Annual Carbon Savings
Tonnes of Carbon Saved168,519218,354283,547313,445287,40999,104
Equivalent Carbon Usage
# Yearly Commercial Flights Amsterdam Rome64,81583,982109,057120,556110,54238,117
# Houses Annual Carbon Usage259,261335,929436,227482,222442,167152,468
Equivalents based on:2.6 Tonnes of Carbon per flight from Amsterdam to Rome
0.65 Tonnes of Carbon per house annual usage
2021 Figures to June 2021 
Note: Unusually low winds during 2020