LONDON, 9th September 2020

Temporis Investment Management has appointed Irish firm EnergyPro Asset Management as managers for their newly acquired Co. Clare wind farm.Tullabrack windfarm has been operational since July 2017. The windfarm consists of 6 Enercon E82 turbines with a total capacity of 13.8MW.EnergyPro will provide full technical asset management services, including health and safety oversight, technical analysis and reporting, contract management and site inspections.

We are delighted to have been chosen by Temporis as the asset manager for Tullabrack . Our focus will be to ensure the windfarm delivers optimum operation, utilising our data analytics and machine learning tools, and managing the day to day issues ensuring the windfarm performs to the highest safety and asset management standards.  Ronan O’Meara, Managing Director EnergyPro. 

We are pleased to have selected EnergyPro as our asset manager for the Tullabrack windfarm. Their excellent safety track record, together with their ability to deliver increased availability is a key component for us. They are owners of windfarms, therefore they understand the KPI’s which are critical for us, and we look forward to working with the team.  Robert Pollack, Projects and Technical Manager, Temporis

EnergyPro are Ireland’s largest independent windfarm managers. Operating from their bases in Athy, Cavan and Cork, EnergyPro now manage 21 windfarms across Ireland.

EnergyPro also offer bespoke operational windfarm analysis services including turbine performance reviews and will utilise these services in maximising the value of Tullabrack wind farm.