Maintain Asset Value

Our specialist windfarm management team maintain the value of your asset by:

• Actively monitoring all SCADA data to identify component trends, and using this information to make smart decisions about future preventative maintenance.

• Retaining detailed maintenance records along with a full turbine and component service history, maximising value for any future asset disposal.

• Actively managing Operations & Maintenance and Insurance contracts

Increased Revenue

Our performance analysis service typically increases annual production by 5%. We do this by:

• Carrying out monthly power curve analyses to immediately identify any deviations from expected performance.

• Using continuous power-wind rose analysis, pitch angle analyses, turbine-to-turbine and farm-to-farm comparisons to identify any areas where turbine performance could be improved.

• Continually verifying MRSO meter accuracy and site electrical losses to ensure windfarm revenue is maximised.

Hassle free ownership

“EnergyPro completely remove the day-to-day issues that arise when owning a windfarm” Denis Calnan, Kilronan windfarm
We will look after:
• Health & Safety – in partnership with appropriate industry health and safety experts, we take responsibility for health and safety management on site, including fulfilling the role of operational controller where appropriate.

• Eirgrid/ESB Networks Grid Code Compliance – working in partnership with the best electrical engineering firms in the market, we ensure that the road to grid code compliance for your windfarm is hassle-free.

• Planning – project managing all planning and CER license compliance activities.

Effective Financial Performance

We ensure that the windfarm functions effectively as a financial vehicle by:

• Providing smart cashflow management – managing supplier payments and electricity sales, administering holding companies, and debt-planning.

• Facilitating compliance with all lender and facilities agreement requirements

• Producing high-level monthly and quarterly reports tracking windfarm performance against P50, P75 and P90 predictions.